Hondo Ohnaka's Secret Hangar

Hondo's hangar - ANB


Hondo Ohnaka's Secret Hangar was based on Florrum during the Clone Wars. It was used by Ohnaka and his pirates in 20 BBY to escape Florrum after their Pirate Compound was destroyed by General Grievous.


After General Grievous's devastating attack on Florrum, Ohnaka's pirate gang fled from the battle to find a ship to leave the planet. Hondo Ohnaka escaped with the help of several Jedi Initiates and Ahsoka Tano. As the Jedi and pirates made their way towards the hangar, they were separated. The young Jedi Katooni accompanied Hondo on his way to the hangar while the rest of the Jedi were pursued by Grievous. 

Hondo's hangar entrance-ANB

Entrance to the hangar

When they made it into the hangar, Hondo was reluctant to go rescue the Jedi. After persuasion by Katooni, Hondo agreed to save the Jedi. They boarded the famous Slave 1, painted to symbolize Hondo's gang.

Hondo piloted the ship to where Ahsoka Tano and the younglings made their final stand against General Grievous. The younglings retreated while Ahsoka engaged Grievous in a brief duel before she too entered the Slave I.


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