Horn company trooper

A trooper of Horn Company in battle.

Horn Company was a company of clone troopers who were placed under the command of Captain Lock and Jedi General Eeth Koth.


All Horn Company members had distinct lime green markings on their armor. Interestingly, if you look closely, there are two yellow crescent shaped figures on every clone's body armor. All clones are equipped with standard DC-15S Blasters.The crescents on on their chests make the symbol of Horn Company.

Grievous Intrigue

Horn Company trooper

A Horn Company clone is attacked by a MagnaGuard

A few members of Horn Company were stationed in the corridor, along with Captain Lock, to defend the ship from invading B2 Super Battle Droids. One member was instantly shot down. Seeing that their numbers were depleting, Eeth Koth ordered Captain Lock and the rest of Horn Company to evacuate the ship, using the escape pods. These clone troopers who escaped were the only survivors of the Horn Company.

Many members of Horn Company were stationed near Eeth Koth at the Steadfast bridge. When the commando droids burst through, one member was knocked down by a thrown, circular, cut out part of the door, and all but one were killed by commando droids. This last Horn Company clone trooper managed to save Eeth Koth, but was stabbed by a Magnaguard as it entered the bridge control room.


  • LEGO made a set in 2011 titled "Clone Trooper Battle Pack" which comes with a minifigure resembling a Horn Company Clone Trooper. The minifigure is mistakenly referred to as a Clone Trooper Commando.