Hunter Squadron

The Hunter Squadron was a clone fighter squadron that served under General Plo Koon in many battles during the Clone Wars.


First Battle of Felucia

Hunter Squadron command by Plo Koon were sent to Felucia to help the Jedi that trapped on the planet. The Separatists have blockaded around the planet ,Plo Koon ordered the Hunter Squadron to protect the LAAT Gunships and they helped the Jedi. Then went back to Coruscant.

Battle of Kadavo


Hunter Squadron on Kadavo.

Once again ,Hunter Squadron served under Plo Koon again in the Battle of Kadavo to helped reinforced the Jedis .The Turrents pilot by Zygerrians cause a problem to landed the LAAT Gunships ,Warthog's Clone Z-95 Starfighters was damaged but helped by Plo Koon. After that the Zygerrian Labor Processing Hub was destroyed.

Notable Members

Hunter Squadron
Warthog detail


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