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Biological Information
Species: Droid
Gender: Masculine programming
Biographic Information
  • Professor / Lightsaber expert
"The lightsaber is a Jedi's only true ally."

Professor Huyang was a droid who served the Jedi Order as a Lightsaber expert, in the centuries prior to and during the Clone Wars, on board the Jedi Training Cruiser, the Crucible. He assisted in the construction of the lightsabers of Jedi Initiates who passed The Gathering. His memory banks held records of every single lightsaber ever constructed in the history of the Jedi Order, including Master Yoda's very first lightsaber. During his time with Ahoka Tano and the younglings, both of his arms were blasted off.


Huyang's design was based off of Ralph Mcquarrie's early sketches of C-3PO.


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