An Umbaran IAT

The Impeding Assault Tank, or the IAT, also known as the Umbaran Crawler Tank, was a vehicle used by the Umbaran Militia during the Battle of Umbara.


The Impeding Assault Tank had a centipede-like body that was lined with laser cannons and could be piloted by a single Umbaran soldier. Each segment of the tank's worm-like body was illuminated with blue sections similar in color to the pilot's control center which was likely from the unit's power distribution system. While the "head" of the tank possessed two fang shaped projections emerging from it. The vehicle's shielding could withstand heavy amounts of blaster fire, however they were still vulnerable to explosives such as rockets and thermal detonators.

During the Battle of Umbara, they ambushed the clone troopers of the 501st Legion as they were moving to take the Umbaran Airbase, springing up from under the ground, and attacking with their multiple laser cannons. After realizing the heads were ray-shielded, Fives and Rex utilized Rocket launchers to destroy them. After Hardcase succeeded in this, the remaining troops regrouped and lured the massive tanks into a bottleneck, where they placed multiple explosive charges along their route, destroying them once they came close enough.


  • 10 double-ended Blaster cannons (One per body segment)
  • Four articulated turret guns (On head segment)
  • Two twin cannons (One tail segment)


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