"We'll take this batch to Island four."
―Garnac, upon bringing a load of prisoners to Wasskah[src]

Island Four was a location on the Trandoshan moon of Wasskah. It was covered with a dense jungle that housed many exotic species, and had, in its center, small odd looking mountains. The island was surrounded with a beach, where Trandoshan Hunters dropped their victims. The victinms would hide for as long as they could until they were found by the hunters and killed and their skins were taken.


In the Clone Wars, Trandoshan Hunters dropped victims they had kidnapped to hunt them in the jungle on the island. The order was going on for a whlie. Many kinds of speices were captured all over the galaxy from wookies to wampas to Nikos. That activity ended when Ahsoka Tano, leading three younglings, devastated their ranks with the help of Wookiees.


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