Jiro detail
Biological Information
Species: Weequay
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Hondo's Pirates/ Darth Maul
"We work for Hondo. You'll have to pay us real well to get us to betray him."
―Jiro, to Darth Maul[src]

Jiro was a Weequay pirate who worked for Hondo Ohnaka during the Clone Wars. He was the captain of the pirate control ship above Florrum and Hondo's lieutenant.


His crew reported a strange ship entering the system, and Jiro ordered it to be docked. Jiro and his crew searched the ship, finding weapons and spices. Jiro wanted to find who was on board and was confronted by Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Jiro and his pirates fought the two Sith, but Maul effortlessly deflected their attacks and Force choked Jiro. He then let him go when Savage showed them credits which they stole. Maul offered them to join him, but Jiro said he would have to pay a lot for him to betray Hondo. Maul agreed, so long as they pledged allegiance to them.

He joined the Sith brothers and engaged Hondo and his men in a fight. The Sith and the pirates forced Hondo and his men into the stronghold. Eventually, Maul, Opress, and the betraying pirates found their way inside and forced the others to retreat. Jiro and the pirates chased after Hondo, and the Sith chased after Kenobi. Jiro and the other pirates turned a corner, only to be forced to surrender because a gun had been trained on them. The betrayers then rejoined Hondo and attacked the injured Sith outside the stronghold, blasting off one of Darth Maul's legs.



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