Katt Mol
Biological Information
Species: Snivvian
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • None
  • None
"These are Trandoshans. They're going to release us and hunt us down for sport."
―Katt Mol, to Ahsoka Tano[src]

Katt Mol was male Snivvian who was captured by Trandoshan pirates and, along with other prisoners, including Jedi Ahsoka Tano, he was transported to a Trandoshan moon, Wasskah, where he was to be hunted down for sport. He was dumped out of the Trandoshan cruiser at night and managed to survive the blaster fire fired by the Trandoshans. However, the next day, he met his fate when he, along with fellow prisoner, Lika were walking along the island. Suddenly, a Trandoshan hunter fired at them, killing Katt Mol. Lika tried to flee but was soon also killed by Ratter's partner, Sochek.


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