Keeli detail
Biological Information
Species: Human (Clone)
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Kamino
  • Captain
"I'm not finished yet, sir. We can do this, General!"
―Keeli's last words.[src]

Keeli was a clone trooper captain who was placed under Jedi General Ima-Gun Di to fight alongside the Twi'leks during the Battle of Ryloth.


Keeli was well known for having a dark red color on his clone trooper gear. His kama as well as his pauldron were colored in the same way. He was also known to be equipped with two DC-17 blaster pistols . Much like the captain himself, members of his platoon were also seen wearing dark red colored armor.

Supply lines

Keeli and his forces were dispatched to Ryloth to defend the Twi'leks under a Separatist attack. He is first seen commanding his troops as Ima-Gun-Di contacts a local republic warship for additional supplies. After realizing that it would take a long time to receive additional supplies Keeli and his troops fall back.

Eventually, Ima-Gun-Di and his troops decided to make a final stand against the Separatist forces. As many troops are falling around him, Captain Keeli was hit by a thermal detonator, knocking him unconscious. With only the Captain and General Di left alive, both are eventually shot down by battle droids during their final moments.


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