Plo Koon CN

Plo Koon, a Kel Dor

The Kel Dors, sometimes referred to as Kel Dorians, were a species hailing from the planet Dorin.

This species required masks to protect them when in oxygen-rich atmospheres. In fact oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases were all poisonous to Kel Dor physiology. These gas filtering masks covered the facial structures of the Kel Dorians which due to its unique structures were considered unattractive to most other species. However these remarkably unique facial features also contained extrasenory organs which helped attribute to the species natural force sensitivity.

They were also known for the unique Force-using traditions of the Baran Do Sages. These Sages were members of a group that existed on Dorin for centuries before the planet became part of the Republic and were noted for force fueled abilities which included telekinesis and precognition. The group's ability to perceive and see future events lead them to become influential advisers to wealthy governments and families on their planet.

Famous members:


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