Kevin Kiner

Kevin Kiner

Kevin Kiner is the composer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and composed the soundtrack for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film. Each song runs about two minutes with some of the more climatic scenes for four minutes.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars soundtrack album cover


  1. Star Wars Main Title & a Galaxy Divided
  2. Admiral Yularen
  3. Battle of Christophis
  4. Meet Ahsoka
  5. Obi-Wan to the Rescue
  6. Sneaking Under the Shield
  7. Jabba's Palace
  8. Anakin vs. Dooku
  9. Landing on Teth
  10. Destroying the Shield
  11. B'ommar Monastery
  12. General Loathsom/Battle Stratagy
  13. The Shield
  14. Battle of Teth
  15. Jedi Don't run!
  16. Obi-Wan's Negotiation
  17. The Jedi Council
  18. General Loathsom/Ahsoka
  19. Jabba's Chamber Dance
  20. Ziro Surrounded
  21. Scaling the Cliff
  22. Ziro's Nightclub Band
  23. Seedy City Swing
  24. Escape From the Monastery
  25. Infiltrating Ziro's Liar
  26. Courtyard Fight
  27. Dunes of Tatooine
  28. Rough Landing
  29. Padme Imprisoned
  30. Dooku Speaks with Jabba
  31. Fight to the end
  32. End Credits

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