Episode Information
Season: 4
Episode No.: 11
Production Code: 4.03
Airdate: November 25 2011
  • Henry Gilroy, Steve Melching
Director: Kyle Dunlevy
"Where we are going always reflects where we came from"

Kidnapped is the eleventh episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars's fourth season. It aired on November 25, 2011.

Official Description

Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of an entire colony of people on the planet Kiros. As Anakin and Ahsoka rush to defuse a series of bombs planted by the slavers, Obi-Wan must fight with their imposing leader.


Behind the Scenes

  • This series of episodes is based off of the comic book series, Slaves of the Republic, and the first Expanded Universe story which is adapted into the series.


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