Biological Information
Species: Super Tactical Droid
Gender: Masculine programming
Biographic Information
"I am programmed to resist intimidation."
―Kraken's final words, while being interrogated by Anakin Skywalker[src]

Kraken was a Super Tactical Droid Commander that served the Confederacy of Independent Systems under Admiral Trench during the Battle of Ringo Vinda. Though beheaded in the battle, Kraken was eventually rebuilt and served under Count Dooku.

The Unknown

Commander Kraken was assigned to the command of Separatist Admiral Trench during a battle against the Republic aboard a space station encircling the planet, Ringo Vinda. After several days of stalemate, the Republic, led by Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker, Tiplar and Tiplee, began pushing the Droid forces back to the Confederate command post. However, at the height of the battle, one of the Clone Troopers entered a trance-like state and executed Tiplar, causing the Republic line to falter. Kraken reported the retreat to Trench and, on the latter's order, contacted Count Dooku to report the occurrence.

Dooku ordered Trench to capture the stricken trooper and bring him to Serenno aboard a shuttle. Trench ordered Kraken to personally accompany the transport. As they departed, Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives boarded and overtook the shuttle. When Skywalker demanded to know what the Droids wanted with their comrade, Kraken simply stated his resilience to intimidation and was subsequently beheaded by the Jedi Knight.

Crisis at the Heart

"My lord, we have fully engaged Republic forces, but we are suffering heavy losses."
"We have accomplished what we came here for. It is time to withdraw."
"But sir, our forces are still engaged in battle on the planet."
"Leave them."
―Kraken and Dooku during the battle.[src]

Kraken was later rebuilt and served as the commander of the Droid forces when the Separatists invaded Scipio to frame Rush Clovis for the embezzlement within the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Soon after, the Republic launched an invasion force to retake Scipio. Kraken commanded the space forces until Dooku returned from the planet surface and subsequently ordered the Separatist fleet's withdrawal. Kraken reminded Dooku that there were still Droids fighting on the surface, but Dooku chose to abandon them and retreat.


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