LAAT/i Repulsorlift Gunship
LAATi snow
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Class: Gunship
Technical Information
Length: 17.69 meters
  • 3 anti-personnel laser turrets
  • 4 composite-beam laser turrets
  • 8 light air-to-air rockets
  • 2 mass-driver missile launchers

2 / 4 (2 pilots, 2 optional gunners)

The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, or simply the Republic Gunship, also called the Larty by clone troopers, was a specialized gunship designed for aerial-based air support and troop transport. It was used throughout the Clone Wars and for a short period of Imperial rule. Infantry gunships were equipped with atmospheric containment shielding and could be deployed from space, yet could not reach orbit without a carrier vessel.

The LAAT/i was highly effective and frequently used, but lacked large amounts of armor making it a vulnerable target to enemy fire.


The LAAT had a varied armament to assist in its role as a transport, the gunship carried three anti-personnel laser turrets(two in the front, and one rear mounted) that would be used to clear and secure landing zones for troopers. The ship's four composite-beam pinpoint laser turrets to further assist in the defense of soldiers on the ground however the composite beam lasers found on the spherical pods had a large arc of fire that could also take out aerial targets. Eight light air-to-air missiles (four under each wing) helped deal further damage to enemy fighters. Finally two mass driver missile launchers mounted on the top of the gunship could be employed against slow moving and static targets. In aerial combat, in addition to these armaments, the gunships also often had laser projectors controlled by individual troopers in circular pods outside the ship, which could be removed or replaced by spotlights.


These gunships were repulsorlift infantry transports able to carry up to thirty soldiers. In addition to carrying clone troopers, the LAAT/i gunship could carry four speeder bikes. Another commonly seen variant of this design was used to carry vehicles like walkers and small tanks.

The task of piloting the LAAT went to four individuals for maximum efficiency: one pilot, one co-pilot, and two gunners.


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