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Latts Razzi
Lattsrazzi detail
Biological Information
Species: Theelin
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Herself
"Okay, Boba. The cargo is secure."
―Latts Razzi[src]

Latts Razzi was a Theelin female bounty hunter during the Clone Wars.


She was an associate of Boba Fett after Boba escaped Republic prison.

Razzi worked with Bossk, Dengar and the droid C-21 Highsinger on Quarzite protecting Otua Blank's special cargo. There, she demonstrated her skill with a blaster and her favorite weapon - her grappling boa.


Later, Razzi protected the Hutt Grand Council along with fellow bounty hunters Dengar, Sugi, and Embo.

Maul and Death Watch arrived on Nal Hutta to get the Hutt Council to join their cause to take down Mandalore. The Death Watch and Maul failed to get to the Hutts, and the bounty hunters, including Razzi, retreated to their ship.


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