"Prince" Lee-Char
Princeleechar detail
Biological Information
Species: Mon Calamari
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Dac
  • Prince/War Commander


Prince Lee-Char' was more or less the leader of the Battle of Mon Calamari supporting the Galactic Republic when the Quarrens launched a civil war on Mon Cala with Riff Tamson and his droids form the Confederacy of Independent Systems in repelling action for having another Mon Cala king, as they would highly prefer a Quarren king after the assination of King Yos Kolina, rising the tensions of the two species. Nossor Ri was a good friend of the latley deacesed king, yet he and the rest of the Quarrens continued to revolt against the Mon Calamaris, yet in the end Nossor Ri saw his mistakes comprising with Count Dooku and, betraying Riff Tamson. At the end of the Battle of Dac, Lee-Char killed the Karkodon Tamson, and became King Lee-Char of Mon Calamari, with the Quarrens supporting him. Appearance/Appearence: He's a male Mon Calamari with yellow and organge skinned.



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