Coruscant Underworld

Level 1313

Level 1313 was a level in the Coruscant Underworld.


In 20 BBY, former separatist assassin Asajj Ventress escorted Ahsoka Tano to Terminal 24 planning to turn her in for the bounty the Galactic Senate placed on her for murders at the Republic Military Base. However, Tano reasoned with her that they had much in common and Ventress subsequently agreed to help her search for evidence of her innocence until events began to work against Tano's favor, at which point she would turn her in for the bounty. Ventress and Tano then fled the terminal as a search team led by Anakin Skywalker discovered them.

Behind the Scenes

Level 1313

Level 1313 Concept Art

The Concept of the levels was devised in cooperation with the cancelled video game Star Wars 1313, which also takes place on Level 1313.


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