This article/section of the article contains information that was not presented in the Clone Wars television series. Content consists of only Clone Wars related media and is, therefore, considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.
Biological Information
Species: Human (Clone)
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Kamino
"Until I'm dead...I'm the one...who gives the orders."
―Lock's last words.[src]

Lock was a clone captain who was assigned to search the destruction of the Malevolence with Breaker, Sharp, and Chatterbox.


Chatterbox was injured and Lock and the other two raced Chatterbox back to their shuttle to get him medical attention. Later, Lock would partake in the Mission to Kynachi, where he led the Breakout Squad. Among his men were Close-Shave, Dyre, No-Nines, Trueblood, Knuckles, Breaker, Sharp, Chatterbox, a reprogrammed droid named Cleaver, and several other clones. During the mission, Dyre, Close-Shave, and two other clones died. When the station was about to explode, Breaker was determined to sacrifice himself for Lock to escape. Lock however pushed Breaker into the escape pod and launched the pod, allowing himself to be incinerated in the explosion while his remaining men got to safety.


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions 1: Breakout Squad

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