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Lolo Purs
Lolo Purs
Biological Information
Species: Rodian
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Rodia
  • Aide

Lolo Purs was Senator Onaconda Farr's aide and Rodia's Galactic Senate Representative during the Clone Wars period. Purs initially was a devout supporter of Senator Farr until his dealings with the Separatists came to light which made Lolo believe that Onaconda's actions had brought the war to Rodia. Lolo could not forgive Farr for his wrong doings, she murdered him by poisoning his drink with a unique substance toxic to Rodians.

Pursuit Of Peace

Before Purs murdered Farr, she was present with him during the bill that Bail Organa,Padme,and Onaconda Far was trying to pass that would stop the production of Clone Troopers on Kamino. She was at his side most of the time he was at the Senate Building.

Senate Murders

After the Senator's corpse was discovered the initial suspicions fell on Halle Burtoni, the Senator of Kamino who was the person last seen in Farr's office before his murder. Burtoni and Mee Deechi had engaged in very public hostilities with Farr and his antiwar compatriots on the Senate floor. Eventually it would become clear that it was Lolo not Burtoni who had killed Onaconda and that she had also murdered Senator Deechi. Lolo then intended to take Padmé Amidala hostage before security droids appeared behind her, allowing Padmé the opportunity to disarm and deliver a knockout punch to Lolo. She was then taken into custody.


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