Lotho Minor
"Just my luck, I gotta go back to that scrap pile floating in space."
a Sakiyan cargo hauler[src]

Lotho Minor, informally known as the Junk World, was one of the galaxy's largest dumping sites. Notably, it was also where Darth Maul fled to after his defeat by the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo. Lotho Minor was a neutral planet during the Clone Wars.

As a planet mainly composed of waste and scraps, Lotho Minor was not suitable for sustaining life. Aside from mountainous heaps of garbage, Lotho Minor contained toxic sludge pools and acid rain was deadly to the few inhabitants of the planet. The atmosphere of the planet was very hot and foggy, and below the surface existed a small network of caves. Lotho Minor's few inhabitants included Junkers and Fire-breathers.


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