Biological Information
Species: Dathomirian
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Dathomir
  • Nightsister
"Doom is upon us, sister. Run...Save yourself."
―Luce's last words[src]

Luce was a part of the Nightsisters clan during the Clone Wars.


After Asajj Ventress failed to kill Dooku, he sent a droid army led by General Grievous. Luce joined in the counterattack against the droids, where she wielded two blasters she stole from Commando droids. Later on, Ventress and Grievous dueled on the terms: If Grievous won, the Nightsisters would surrender, but if Ventress were victorious, he and his armies would leave Dathomir. Ventress had nearly defeated Grievous, but he ordered his droids to attack once more, wounded Ventress. Luce tried to help her retreat, but she was shot by a droid while trying to save Ventress, and died in her arms.


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