Mak Plain
Biological Information
Species: Muun
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Muunilinst
  • Representative

Mak Plain was one of the representatives for the InterGalactic Banking Clan during the Clone Wars.


After the passing of the Military enhancement bill, Mak was asked by Onaconda Farr and Padmé Amidala how much interest the InterGalactic Banking Clan would charge the Republic for five million clone troopers. Mak said he would charge their new standard rate of 25% as opposed to their previous standard of 10%, which the senators found outrageous. His reason for the sudden interest rate increase was the deregulation of the banks, which allowed the Banking Clan to set whatever interest rate they wanted. He also said that the Confederacy of Independent Systems had just secured a loan to pay for another three million battle droids and that the Banking Clan thought that war was distasteful.