Aka'jor-class Shuttle
Mando shuttle
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Class: Shuttle
  • Varies
Technical Information
Length: 17.97 meters
  • None (2 Laser Cannons, on some models)


The Aka'jor-class shuttle, also known as the Mandalorian shuttle, was a shuttle created by MandalMotors, who received exceptional praise for its efficient acceleration and engines, which caused it to be highly popular. It was purchased primarily by Mandalorians, but numerous others took an interest in it as well, some even arming them. This made them even more closely related to the Kom'rk-class fighter/transports, in addition to the rotating of the wings for landing and flight configurations.

The shuttle also featured a ramp at the rear, used for loading passengers as well as cargo. The name Aka'jor was derived from the Mando'a language; a combination or the words aka and jorir, which made "mission carry".


Aka'jor landing-DoM

A Mandalorian shuttle landing in Sundari.

During the Clone Wars, in 21 BBY, the shuttles were most frequently used by the pacifist group based on Mandalore called the New Mandalorians, led by Duchess Satine Kryze. Kryze and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi used an Aka'jor shuttle to travel to Concordia where they met Pre Vizsla, Concordian governor and secret leader of the terrorist group known as Death Watch, to discuss the splinter faction's movements on Mandalore. Shortly after, when Satine traveled to Coruscant to plead her case to the Galactic Senate, New Mandalorian prime minister Almec dispatched a scout to Concordia aboard a Mandalorian shuttle to further investigate the Death Watch's actions. The scout piloted the shuttle back to Mandalore and reported his findings of Death Watch's army to Almec.


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