Mandalorian-super-commando detail

Two Mandalorian super commandos

Mandalorian Super Commandos were a group of Mandalorian warriors active during the Clone Wars. They were a division of the Shadow Collective that had successfully taken over Mandalore.


During the Clone Wars, a coup orchestrated by Death Watch toppled the pacifist regime of the New Mandalorians and returned the armored warrior culture to a position of power over the isolated world. What the Mandalorian citizen did not realize is that the takeover was in truth masterminded by a secret syndicate of criminals -- the Shadow Collective led by Darth Maul. Though Maul was content to remain hidden behind the scenes, behind layers of puppets and lackeys, his loyal Mandalorians modified their armor to reflect allegiance to the Dark Lord. These super commandos wore intimidating armor of red and black, and some in their leadership even fashioned horns atop their helmet, to better resemble their Nightbrother leader. After Obi Wan Kenobi escaped from Sundari, the Night Owls continued to battle the Super Commandos.



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