Mee Deechi
Biological Information
Species: Umbaran
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Umbara
"You have Separatist friends, Senator?"
―Deechi to Padmé after suggesting peace[src]

Mee Deechi was an Umbaran senator during the Clone Wars .


During the Clone Wars, the Umbaran Senator Mee Deechi supported a bill that would create additional clone troopers to assist in the war. He, along with Halle Burtoni, lead the campaign for more clones and saw Onaconda Farr and the other members of his group as Separatist. After the death of Farr, Padmé Amidala and Bail Organa thought of him and Burtoni as prime suspects and went to interrogate them.

In his office, Deechi gave them information that Farr had had a meeting at the docks with someone and when the two senators went to investigate, they were shot at. Believeing Deechi to be the killer, they went back to his office only for Amidala and Organa to find him dead with a knife in his chest. After his death, Burtoni was thought to be the killer and was about to be arrested by Tan Divo for the killings. However, the truth was learned that Lolo Purs was the true killer and was arrested. In the end, Deechi and Burtoni's bill passed and more clones were to be produced. After the death of Deechi, the Umbarans left the Republic and aided the Separatists, and soon the 501st and 212th clone battalions launched an attack on the planet.


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