Ming Po


Known members

The Ming Po were a species native to the planet Carlac. The Ming Po were very similar to humans possessing the same outward appearance, it is unclear which if any features that the Ming Po possess are different than those of baseline humans. This race came into contact with the terrorist Death Watch group after they relocated to Carlac and turned into a base of operations subjugating the native Ming Po to do so. The Mandalorians held several individuals from a nearby village as slaves in their camp.They are similar to Mirialan.


The Ming Po are outwardly identical to humans however they appear to have several cultural fashion details specific to their people, most notably the light colored flowing robes they wore and what appear to be ceremonial or tribal tattoos on their faces.

Behind the Scenes

It is likely the Ming Po, with their clothing in particular, are modeled after Asian cultures on modern Earth.


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