Luminara fight

Luminara Unduli, a Mirialan

Mirialan was a species that hailed from the planet Mirial.Their appearance was near-human, with skin tones ranging from yellow-green to pale, similar to humans. Hair color was usually dark, and eyes were mainly blue or green, yet in some cases yellow or red, and even rarer, orange. The native language of the species and their homeplanet, Mirial, was Mirialan.


Mirialans who had accomplished a task or great endeavor often would have distinguishable tattoos, geometrical repeating patterns on their faces or hands. The Mirialans had unique patterns to their own design: the size of the tattoo would show their level of maturity/skill.

The Mirialan view on the Force was also unique, believing an individual carves their own path.

Notable Mirialans


Mirialan, Barriss Offee

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