Mission to Alzoc III
Location: Alzoc III
Combatants: Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Commanders: Luminara Unduli

Aayla Secura

Commanders: Asajj Ventress
Outcome: Republic recovers the Gravitic Core
War Chronology
Preceded by: Battle of Juma 9
Followed by: Battle of Behpour
"We should have known this was your mess."
"Not mine. But I am here to clean any "loose ends". I think I'll start by killing you."
―Luminara and Aayla as they confront Asajj Ventress[src]

The Mission to Alzoc III was an event that took place shortly after the battle of Ryloth when Crime lord Jabba the Hutt had suspected enemy activity in the Outer Rim territories and Master Yoda sent Jedi Luminara Unduli and Aayla Secura to investigate.Above the planet, bounty hunter Cad Bane stole a Gravitic Core of a new superweapon built by the Separatists over the planet.

The Separatist frigate he destroyed crash landed on Alzoc, and Jabba suspected the Separatists. Luminara, Aayla, Gree, and Bly along with AT-TEs and clone troopers went to the icy planet. Asajj Ventress, who was aboard the crashed ship when Bane stole the weapon, contacted her Master that the Jedi had arrived once they had reached the top of the cliff. To keep the Gravitic Core a secret, Dooku sent Ventress to destroy the clones and Jedi. The Jedi and clones were amazed by the crash site but it had twists and tricks. They engaged many droids until they reached the data computer, and Gree analyzed the crash and saw Ventress part of it.

The ship exploded and Ventress confronted the Jedi. The Jedi dueled with Ventress and trapped her with ice and reported the Gravitic Core weapon, which Anakin Skywalker said Bane was carrying on Ryloth and was kidnapped by Kul Teska.


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