Mission to Mustafar


Mission Leader(s)
Point of Mission
To have the Black Sun join Shadow Collective
End Result
With the death of the leaders, they joined

"The Black Sun can provide us with the resources we need without the scrutiny of the Republic."
―Darth Maul to Pre Vizsla[src]

The Mission To Mustafar was a mission by Darth Maul and the Death Watch to bring powerful groups into their alliance/army, The Shadow Collective. The Black Sun's headquarters was hidden away in the valleys of Mustafar, and Darth Maul wanted them apart of their group. To his dismay, the Council of Five, led by Xomit Grunseit, opposed his request with laughter, ordering for Darth Maul and Pre Vizsla to be killed. Darth Maul killed one of the guards, and threw him on the table as a final warning. After Xomit ordered guards in, Savage Oppress took his double lightsaber and decapitated all of the members of the council and the guards. Then they asked the general his decision, and he warily agreed.


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