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Shekelesh-class Freight Gunship
Manufacturer: Techno Union
Class: Freighter
  • Moogans
Technical Information
Length: 21.15 meters in height
  • Laser Cannons


The Shekelesh-class Freight Gunship, or simply the Moogan Gunship, was a model of freighter used by the Moogans during the Clone Wars. They were created by the Techno Union and often used to smuggle cargo to various neutral worlds, such as Mandalore.


Moogan Gunships carried cargo in their lower belly holds which made for rapid unloading at spaceports. The cockpit was located just above the boarding ramp, serving as a vantage point for supervising unloaded shipments. The Gunship's landing gear consisted of six ungainly, segmented legs, which were often used to scuttle away from authorities.


In 21 BBY, Moogan Gunships were used to smuggle tea and slabin―the poisonous diluting agent that was inserted into it―to Mandalore. This resulted in Mandalore's children to become gravely ill by drinking it.


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