Morley relationship
Biological Information
Species: Anacondan
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Lotho Minor
  • Scavenger
  • Darth Maul

Morley was an Anacondan living on Lotho Minor. Morley became a servant to Darth Maul after finding the dreaded Sith, who was now in a state of near madness, in a cave with crude arachnid-like lower body. Morley used Maul's gradual insanity to his advantage by scavenging the surface of the planet for suitable creatures to send down to Maul for food, and he would receive whatever the Sith did not eat.


When Maul's brother, Savage Opress arrived at the planet in search of him, Morley saw him as a decent offering for his master and aided Savage along in his quest across the planet's hostile terrain and natives. Upon reaching a settlement of Junkers, Morley recognized the danger of the species' territoriality and advised to Opress to leave the area. But he, determined to find his brother, continued through until the Junkers finally attacked. Savage quickly responded by fighting back against many of them with his lightsaber while Morley found safety not far away. And when the Anacondan saw that one of the Junkers was about to shoot Opress with a salvaged blaster rifle, he quickly knocked its aim off to keep his offering alive.

After the remaining Junkers had fled, the pair continued on with their quest, guided by Opress's talisman. Morley and Savage finally reached an area of cover, supposedly where Maul was, as acid rain began to pour down, but Savage found only dead Junkers among the cave, assuming his brother must have been killed as well, leaving the dark acolyte enraged and feeling betrayed by Mother Talzin. Until Morley revealed his true purpose for guiding Opress, by activating a trap door beneath him sending him down to Maul's lair. However, as Morley arrived below within the lair for what was left of Savage, he found that he was still alive; but as he attempted to flee, Opress caught him, held him by the neck, and angrily questioned him why he didn't assist Maul. Morley merely stated he didn't know what he could have done, and Opress strangled him to death and threw his body onto the fire.


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