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"Mystery of a Thousand Moons"
Episode Information
Season: One
Episode No.: 18
Production Code: 2.02
Airdate: Feburary 13, 2009
  • Brian Larsen
Director: Jesse Yeh
"A single chance is a galaxy of hope."

Mystery of a Thousand Moons is the eighteenth episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series's first season, being the second part of the 1-hour special that aired on February 13, 2009.

Plot Summary

Obi-Wan and Anakin prepare to transfer Dr. Nuvo Vindi to Theed for trial. Padmé and the clones discover that one of the virus bombs is missing the container that held the Blue Shadow Virus, meaning that if the wrong hands have possession of the virus, such as Vindi, it can still be released, and they sound the alarm.

The laboratory tunnels filled with the Blue Shadow Virus. Two clones search for the Vindi's servant droid, LEP-86C8, in the bomb room. The droid sneaks into the room behind them and inserts the virus into a bomb. Before the clones can stop it, the droid sets off the bomb, and the virus starts to spread through the complex. Rex, Ahsoka and the clones manage to make it into the safe room. Ahsoka briefs Anakin on the virus' release, and he informs Padmé. She sets off with Jar Jar in their envirosuits to find Ahsoka and prevent any remaining droids from escaping the lab and releasing the virus onto the planet.

Anakin tries to wrest the antidote out of Vindi, but Vindi taunts him, stating that his job was to manufacture a plague, not cure it. Obi-Wan manages to convince Anakin to lay down his lightsaber, and they depart for Theed. Ahsoka, Rex and the clones discover that a small portion of the virus managed to get into the safe room before the door closed and they were thus contaminated. Padmé and Jar Jar, summoned by Ahsoka, open the door to the safe room, and she and Ahsoka take up the task of destroying the droids before they can ascend to the surface of Naboo. During a struggle in one of the corridors, Padmé ripped a hole in her envirosuit after tackling Jar Jar to save him from blaster fire and is thus affected by the virus as well.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Vindi arrive in the hangar bay, and they meet up with Typho. Vindi is escorted away, and Typho tells Anakin and Obi-Wan that he may have found an antidote: Reeksa root, found only on Iego, in the World of a Thousand Moons, which happens to be Separatist-controlled space. Typho mentions that it's "suicide", but Anakin and Obi-Wan head off in the Twilight.




  • Xandu (First appearance)

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