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Nakha Urus
Doge Urus
Biological Information
Species: Dug
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Malastare
"We'll handle this our way, no matter what the Jedi thinks."
―Nakha Urus[src]

Doge Nakha Urus was a Dug and was the leader of the Malastarian Council during the Clone Wars.


Nakha Urus was the leader of the Malastarian Council and a crucial member to the Galactic Republic. He was crucial because his planet Malastare is a huge fuel-mining planet, and some of the fuel natural resources went to the Republic. During the Battle of Malastare, the Separatist army was about to take over Malastare, when Republic dropped an Electro-Proton bomb that took out the Separatist forces, but woke the Zillo Beast. He said his ancestors told them that there was going to be one more Zillo Beast, and they told them how to kill it. The Jedi thought the beast needed to live on a deserted planet, like Mustafar, but Chancellor Palpatine brought it to Coruscant, so the Republic could study it. He thought he knew too well that the beast would wreak havoc on the most populated planet in the Universe, and he was correct.


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