Biological Information
Species: Droid
Gender: Masculine programming
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Ord Lithone

OOM-10 was a B1 Battle Droid who was captured and reprogrammed by R2-D2 to serve the Republic.


OOM-10 had many blue markings throughout its body, indicating his status as an OOM Pilot Droid. OOM-10 had skills in piloting shuttles as well as tactical fighting skills and was equipped for combat on land.

The Citadel

During 21 BBY, OOM-10, along with 2 reprogrammed Pilot Droids helped several Jedi and clone troopers, all of who had been carbon frozen, sneak into the planet of Lola Sayu. When the shuttle made it near the planet, K2-B4 scanned it for life signs, failing to find the strike team frozen inside. After landing the ship and unfreezing the group, OOM-10 stayed with the ship alongside his commander.


OOM-10 was later ordered by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to rendezvous with them at the landing zone. Expecting them to be on time, OOM-10 and his company were greeted by K2-B4 instead. In an attempt to deceive the Tactical Droid, he used R2-D2 to act as a hostage. Unaware that the scheme was a failure, K2-B4 gained control of the shuttle.

Citadel Rescue

OOM-10 also participated in the fight for the landing zone. Realizing that the skirmish was soon lost, OOM-10 escapes into the caverns with the rest of the group to form a backup plan. OOM-10 and the rest of the reprogrammed battle droids were ordered by R2-D2 to hold off the droids while they descended the cliff face. During his final stand OOM-10 was shot down by a Crab Droid.
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Final design on OOM-10