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Security battle droid cw

The second security battle droid concept of the show(red markings in the correct places, only mistake is the B1 Battle Droid backpack)

The OOM Security Droid, better known simply as security droids, were characterized by red markings on their shoulders and upper abdomen, which distinguished them from other variants of the OOM model. They most commonly worked in squads led by an OOM command battle droid.

Trade Federation security droids fulfilling their most common role as guards on capital ships or in Separatist outposts like the Citadel or transported large important cargo like massive kyber crystalls carried the standard weapons (E-5 blaster rifles) used by similar models.

The ubiquitous model served as the basis of the B1 battle droid used in the Trade Federation's Droid Army, although the latter model had less complicated programming. However, the targeting and coordination of the security droids was little better than that of their cousins, and often failed to consistently hit their target. Near the end of the war these droids saw an extensive use and large squads were commanded by none other than the Confederacy of Independent Systems's General Grievous.
OOM Security

The first Security Droid concept of the show(notice the markings are not in the usual places and B1 Battle Droid backpack)