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Oppo Rancisis
Biological Information
Species: Thisspiasian
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Thisspias

Jedi Order

Oppo Rancisis was a Jedi Master during and in the decades leading up to the Clone Wars.


Jedi High Council

Being one of the leading, most senior Councilors, Oppo Rancisis participated in many discussions, including one concerning Anakin Skywalker's knighthood. While some of the Jedi, like Ki-Adi Mundi, thought that they should not hold the Chosen One back, Oppo Rancisis felt that Anakin was not yet ready to become a Jedi Knight, as he lacked discipline. Yoda countered that Rancisis often disobeyed him from time to time in his youth. But even with his opposition, the matter was settled and the Council decided that Anakin would become a Knight.

Fighting on the Battlefield

Oppo Rancisis, who was a skilled Jedi Master, fought in many battles in the Clone Wars as a high general. One of the most famous of his lead campaigns being the Siege of Saleucami, where he was killed in a duel against his former friend turned dark-acolyte, Sora Bulq. His seat on the council would eventually be permanently filled by Ongree jedi Coleman Kcaj. Rancisis was considered an expert in both saber and unarmed combat and was recognized by even duelists as accomplished as Sora Bulq as being a formidable opponent. Oppo also mastered the art of battle meditation employing it with great efficiency when directing his armies in campaigns. He was also one of the order's best strategists concerning military action- perhaps only rivaled by fellow counselor Plo Koon.



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