Orto Plutonia

Orto plutonia

Outer Rim
Sujimis sector

Orto Plutonia is an Outer Rim planet home to the peaceful race the Talz during the Clone Wars. Orto Plutonia had at least one moon, Pantora, home of the Pantorans.


Orto Plutonia had long been a protectorate of the nearby Pantoran moon, after Pantoran scouts searched the world and declared it uninhabited. They had missed the Talz population, which lived in the ice canyons in villages carved out of the ice walls, filled with huts made from animal skins pulled over bone-frames. The Talz lived a simple existence, somehow subsisting off the harsh environment, and using the native narglatch cats as mounts and protection. It is unknown how or why that Talz clan colonized the planet; Talz of Orto Plutonia were more aggressive and war-like than other members of their species who belonged to the Galactic Community.


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