Otua Blank
Otuablank detail
Biological Information
Species: Belugan
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Quarzite
  • Leader
  • Unknown
"My lord, Otua Blank. He rules over this planet with an iron fist. If you fail to protect his cargo, losing your bounty will be the least of your concerns."
Major Rigosso briefing the bounty hunters on the mission[src]

Otua Blank was the lord of Quarzite during the time of the Clone Wars.


Fearing that his unwilling would-be Kage bride, Pluma Sodi, would be rescued by the Kage, Blank hired a team of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett to escort and protect a large chest smuggling his bride to him via sub-tram.  As he didn't want anyone to know she was inside, the contract prohibited them from opening the chest, or else they would forfeit the bounty.

When the sub-tram arrived where Blank was waiting, most of the bounty hunters were missing, leaving only Asajj Ventress - who had joined Boba's group for a share of the bounty - to present the chest to Otua Blank.  This she did, demanding his guards pay her the agreed bounty, after which she promptly left.  When Blank opened the chest, however, he found a handcuffed and furious Boba Fett, and soon realized he was fooled by Ventress - he did not know she had grown sympathetic to Pluma's plight and released her to her brother Krismo, leader of the Kage warriors, before arrival.


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