Biological Information
Species: Ming Po
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Carlac
  • Chieftain

Pieter was the Chieftain of a town of Ming Po on the planet Carlac.


This Ming Po elder hated every being in the Death Watch. Pieter unsucessfully tried to fight against the group, but with the Ming Po being a primitive society they had no chance. As retribution the Death Watch forced the villagers into servitude until Pre Vizsla left. Pieter tried to fight back, but Pre Vizsla got out his Darksaber and intended to kill him, but his granddaughter Tryla, jumped in front of the blade and was subsequently killed.


Pieter bears the traditional robes and ceremonial marking common amongst the Ming Po. These were some of the only distinguishing features because in nearly every other way Pieter, being Ming Po, looked human.


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