Biological Information
Species: Dug
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
  • Ringmaster
  • Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder

Preigo was a male Dug who was the head of the traveling circus called Preigo's Traveling World of Wonder.


Preigo is a Dug ringmaster of a nomadic troupe of entertainers. Aboard his colorfully decorated freighter, Preigo carries an exotic menagerie of amusements and diversions to delight the downtrodden. For a modest fee, Preigo's traveling performers -- Twi'lek acrobats, Aleena tumblers, Gamorrean clowns, and trained creatures of various stripe, fur, and scale -- put on performances to entertain the masses. A fastidious Dug with a huge handlebar mustache and outsized personality, Preigo was a perfectionist who felt the show must always go on, especially in times of war and hardship. He would introduce the main event, dramatically riding into the spotlight atop a trained narglatch.


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