The crystal caves of Quarzite

Quarzite was a neutral planet ruled by the Belugan Lord Otua Blank during the Clone Wars. Quarzite was mostly composed of a massive underground crystal cave network, where most of Quarzite's inhabitants were found. The surface of the planet was uninhabitable as the intense pressure levels there were strong enough to crush a starship. As a result, all starships had to land at an orbital space station high above the planet. There, people and cargo were transported manually through the turbolift system, which extended all the way down to the crystal cave system. Subtrams were used as a primary form of transport within the caves.

Quarzite was home to two species, the Belugans and the Kage. The two species frequently engaged in conflict and the Belugan, overall, dominated the planet due to their superior technology and numbers over the Kage.


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