Biological Information
Species: Droid
Gender: Feminine programming
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown

R4-P22 was the first astromech droid owned by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars.


R4-P22 was a female astromech droid, which had a strong bond with her owner, Anakin Skywalker. She was a brave astromech, serving in the Battle of Muunilinst. She often flew on the Azure Angel. R4-P22 and Anakin Skywalker went to Yavin 4, with a platoon of clone troopers. Anakin left the Azure Angel, to be with the platoon; he then began to notice the clone troopers started to disappear. He noticed the last clone trooper near their transport, and was going to warn him, but it was too late. Anakin knowing that there was a disturbance, went to the Azure Angel. Suddenly, the fighter was destroyed along with R4-P22. It was R4-P22's destruction that led to the duel.


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