The raid on the Crucible occurred in 20 BBY when Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang attacked the Jedi Cruiser, Crucible, which was carrying a group of Jedi Initiates led by Ahsoka Tano who had recently returned from retrieving their lightsaber crystals on Ilum. Ohnaka attacked the cruiser in an attempt to steal the crystals and sell them on the market. When the pirates boarded, they anticipated a swift operation, but Tano had established a plan to take back the ship: Zatt and Ganodi were to join R2-D2 and secure the cockpit, and Professor Huyang and the other younglings―Byph, Gungi, Katooni, and Petro―were to lock themselves inside the hold, while Ahsoka rerouted power to the engines, whereupon they would rip loose of the pirates' boarding tube connecting the two vessels, thus blowing the intruders out into space.

Tano, Zatt and Ganodi succeed in their objectives, but unfortunately, Huyang and the other younglings were smoked out of the ventilation system and cornered by the pirates. Though Petro tricked one of the pirates into activating his faulty lightsaber, causing it to explode and stun them into submission. The younglings slowed the pirates further by setting off another trap with their lightsaber training remotes.

Before they could reach the hold, however, they encountered Ohnaka himself. Alerted by Zatt and Ganodi, Ahsoka arrived just in time to engage Hondo in a duel with his Electrostaff, allowing the younglings and Huyang, having been damaged, to reach safety. With her companions in sealed compartments, Ahsoka ordered Zatt to break the cruiser free of Hondo's frigate, breaking the docking tube's sealing. This created a vacuum force that pulled the pirates back to the frigate, some of them being pulled into space. But once Tano had forced Ohnaka and the others onto their frigate, one last pirate knocked her on the ship as well. Greatly upset by his loss, Hondo informed his prisoner that he had no alternative but to gain profit from Ahsoka herself.


Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano Hondo Ohnaka
Professor Huyang Gwarm
Byph Unidentified Ishi Tib Pirate
Ganodi Weequay pirates


  • Jedi victory
    • Ohnaka and his gang forced off the Crucible
    • Tano captured by Ohnaka gang


Jedi Order

  • Huyang disassembled

Ohnaka Gang

  • Some Weequay pirates


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