This article/section of the article contains information that was not presented in the Clone Wars television series. Content consists of only Clone Wars related media and is, therefore, considered part of the Star Wars Legends continuity.
Republic defender

A battlefield

Republic Defender was a mini game that can be played on Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Players are the commanders of a battlefield with droids approaching on one side and your force of turrets on the other. If the droids reach the other side, you lose. There are nineteen levels to play on, but five of them are available for everyone and the rest require membership accounts. In the game, there are many weapons to choose from.

Types of Turrets

There are 16 types of turrets :

Each turret has its strengths and weaknesses. If the player builds the right turret for the right job, their chances of success can greatly increase. All turrets are classified into three categories: Ground, Air, and "Does not Attack". Some turrets have a secondary category which may include Several or Shields which gives them an extra advantage in tight situations. Some of the more powerful turrets that are unlocked later in the game cost more energy to make.

Players also have the ability to upgrade turrets, increasing their stats with every upgrade. Turrets follow a color coded upgrading system. Note that when turrets reach rank 3 and 5 their overall appearance and, in rare cases, abilities change.

  • Green: Rank 1
  • Blue: Rank 2
  • Yellow: Rank 3
  • Purple: Rank 4 (Unlocked in Mustafar)
  • Red: Rank 5 (Unlocked in Christophsis)

The more upgrades a turret receives, the more energy will be required to spend. Players can also sell turrets in return for energy. The more the turret to be sold is upgraded, the more energy will be received in return.


  • Maridun
    • Defense of Maridun
    • Lok Durd Strikes Back
    • Defenders of Peace
  • Felucia
    • Foothold on Felicua
    • Canyon Ambush
    • Republic Withdrawal
  • Mustafar
    • Mustafar Crash Site
    • Prisoners of Mustafar
    • Deception on Mustafar
  • Christophsis
    • Touchdown on Christophsis
    • Refugee Rescue
    • Fork in the Road
  • Outer Rim
    • Trouble in Deep Space
    • Adrift
    • More Trouble in Deep Space
    • Ruins
  • Kamino
    • Kamino Invasion
    • Ocean Assault
    • Perfect Storm


Few of the levels are based on some episodes and battles from Clone Wars show, but are changed a little. Those are:

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