Haven-class Medical Station
Manufacturer: VenteX Construction Yards
Class: Space Station
Technical Information
Length: 651.84 meters
  • None

The Haven-class medical stations, also called Republic Medcenters, were space stations used by the Galactic Republic to treat injured clone troopers during the Clone Wars.


The first Medcenter was created near Kaliida Shoals from a refurbished merchant hub. It served as the Republic's primary medical station, treating up to 60,000 wounded clones. On the orders of Count Dooku, General Grievous launched an attack on the station with his flagship, the Malevolence, to prevent any proper treatment for the Republic's troops. However, an attack made by Shadow Squadron, led by Anakin Skywalker, disabled the massive warship, saving the station. Soon following, the Republic built a total of twenty stations throughout the galaxy—one for each of the Sector Armies of the Grand Army of the Republic—at locations such as Felucia and Ord Cestus.


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