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Interstellar Tug
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Class: Tug
Technical Information
Length: 32.27 meters
  • None

2 Pilots

The Interstellar tug, also known as the Republic Tugboat, was a support ship utilized by the Republic during the Clone Wars. It was outfitted with two large tractor beam projectors to guide ships in to dock with space stations or larger cruisers. The powerful projectors enabled the tugs to maneuver ships much larger than themselves, including Pelta-class Frigates. They also served as emergency ships, equipped with firefighting gear and salvage scanners to sort through debris of an explosion, battle or collision for survivors.



A later model of the Republic tugboat.

Republic tugboats were used at the Republic Medcenter positioned at Ord Cestus to guide in Pelta frigates into the docking port. Two tugs helped guide in the frigate, TB-73—much of the crew of which was infected with Brain Worms—while Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee were struggling to regain control of it.


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