Roos Tarpals
Biological Information
Species: Gungan
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Naboo
  • Gungan General
  • Gungan Grand Army

Galactic Republic

""How does it feel to die?"
"Not die. Sacrifice!"
―Grievous and Tarpals on Naboo[src]

Roos Tarpals was a Gungan Captain who paticipated in several battles including the Battle of Naboo and the Battle of Grassy Plains. During the Clone Wars, he was present when Yoda asked for help from the Gungans for them to send reinforcments to Dac to assist the Jedi. Later, he sacrificed himself in order to capture General Grievous during the Skirmish on Naboo.

Battle of Naboo

Captain Roos Tarpals served in the Battle of Naboo under General Jar Jar Binks. In this battle Tarpals fought bravely along his fellow Gungan citizens against the Confederacy of Independent Systems' droid army. After destroying several battle droids, Tarpals was captured after trying to rescue General Binks however a young Anakin Skywalker managed to save the Gungans by destroying the CIS command ship which deactivating all the battle droids.

Gungan Attack

Tarpals was present when Jedi Master Yoda requested help from the Gungan people and their Grand Army to aid the Republic in liberating the people of Dac from Separatist forces.

Shadow Warrior

Soon after helping the citizens on Dac, Tarpals was present when Boss Lyonie, under the influence of a necklace, declared that his people should turn against the Naboo and should serve for the Separatist movement. However

Tarpals informs Padme that General Grievous is on Naboo.

thanks to intervention from Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and senator Padmé Amidala, it was found that Rish Loo was responsible for this and Jar Jar Binks disguised himself as Boss Lyonie to meet

Tarpals' death at the hand of Grievous.

with Separatist leader, General Grievous, alongside Tarpals. Jar Jar requested General Tarpals to leave the meeting and contact Padmé Amidala and gather the Gungan army to shut down the battle droid forces. Grievous now trapped attacked the Gungans and Tarpals was almost immediately stabbed by the cyborg general but before dying he managed to stab the general allowing the Gungan Army to capture him.



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