Outer Rim
Rugosa System

Rugosa is where King Katuunko resided. During the Clone Wars, Rugosa was selected as the site for negotiations between King Katuunko of Toydaria and representatives of the Galactic Republic. However, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems intercepted communications arranging the meeting, they ambushed the Republic envoy. A small group of clone troopers, led by Jedi Master Yoda, made it to the moon and engaged the Confederacy in combat, eventually defeating their forces and gaining the allegiance of King Katuunko.

Death of Katuunko

When Asajj Ventress failed one to many times, she was put to "death" but she survived. Mother Talzin gave Dooku a new apprentice, Savage Opress. A task later was given to him to prove his worth was to capture King Katuunko and bring him to Dooku, so they could finally have a "peaceful negotation" which probably meant torture for the King. But when Savage Opress went to receive him for Dooku, the king and the guards put up more of a fight than he thought, so he accidentally killed the King, which made Dooku angry. So the Rugosa system was left in the Confederacy's control.

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