Ryloth was a planet in the Outer Rim that was the homeworld of the Twi'leks. It had vast deserts like the Bright Lands and the Jixuan Desert in addition to its many forests. It was also home to many non-sentient species, many of which were deadly like the Lylecs and Gutkurrs. As the planet was far from the galactic core, slavery was common on Ryloth a fact that was both known and tolerated by the Republic despite the planet's representation in the Republic Senate.


The Battle of Ryloth took palace on the planet during the Clone Wars, where its capital, Lessu was taken over by Wat Tambor and a large army. After the the fall of the Separatists's space blockade, Proton Cannons and occupation over the desert, the planet was liberated by Mace Windu.

Native Species

  • Twi'leks
  • Lylecs
  • Can-Cells
  • Gutkurrs