Mantu detail

Known members

The Selkath were a sentient aquatic species originating on the planet Manaan. Physically the Selkath have skin tones ranging from gray, blue, green and even pink on occasion, with two descending lobes on both sides of their mouths. In addition this species like Wookiees possess a set of claws in their hands which are coated in a poisonous venom. However the usage of these claws was a cultural taboo because the Selkath by in large are a peaceful species however as with any other race their were notable exceptions, these more aggressive individuals were considered outcasts on their home world.

The Selkath are also some what of an isolationist race and though they can be seen throughout the galaxy they are no where as common as Twi'leks, Humans, or Zabraks. Despite this there were individuals of this species who possessed a level of force sensitivity and were trained as Jedi or became bounty hunters like Chata Hyoki.

Notable Selkath

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